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Product Benefits

Extend you business operation to any location and connect to the world

Solution built to support a wide range of business architectures from anywhere in the planet. A global connectivity and high-performance that meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprises ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Enables-high performance connectivity

Our team of specialists helps solve the complexity of your deployment, manage and ensure the reliability and performance needed to run your business communication

Real-time control

Global support point of contact for post sales technical support & network-related questions include 24/7 support

ICT management and Digital Transformation Services

Seize new opportunities and gain competitive advantage with flexible, on-demand IT infrastructure, that’s ready when you need it.
Consulting, Business Process Services,, Data Center Services, IT Services Service Desk, Global Operations Center, IT Security Services and even more.

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ICT Security Management and Digital Transformation

We offers the most complete security solution that enables the safe operation of applications and the ability to function and protects the data as well as measures controls and procedures applied by enterprises in order to ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability of their data and ICT systems.

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Reliable Internet Services Built for public access and performance

Our dedicated staffs are always on hand to provide the best advice and solutions to your needs. World Media Telecom gives your business a reliable high speed Internet access, 100% fiber optic and provides symmetrical upload and download speeds. Never slow down your connection and all of your bandwidth is available all the time

Complete end-to-end solution covering a suite of managed services and provide an interoperable effective high performance along with selected collaboration services in support of the large-scale, of applications and integration across World Media Telecom entire network for next-generation multi-homing and enterprise gateway solution guarantees service level availability and continuous connectivity of enterprise web acceleration and VoIP, conferencing integration and cloud-based applications.

Product Components

Mobile Solutions

Fast deployment, flexibility, and effective to access new technology and quickly, ensure business continuity and solution for digital workplaces.

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Fixed Solutions

Our fixed solutions are a suite of system integration with compressive security solutions and technology using intelligent network innovation to support busine...

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Global Private Connectivity

A secure dedicated private and high-performance connection between your local and global offices.

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On-Premise Connectivity

Innovation service built-in connectivity and integration driven by high business capacity and high level of security.

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Cloud Security

Our cloud solutions are safe and secure and help preventing unauthorized access and threat with easy access to applications that are necessary for business decisions

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Cyber Security Management

New technology associated with network security, prevent, protect and effectively adapt to the increasing business changes in today’s most pressing security challenges

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Network Virtualization

Reinvent your organization with Networks of the future involving different technologies cohabiting into digital integration.

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WAN / Cloud

WMT allows you to migrate at your own pace by deploying flexible deployment models that can overlay any existing environment.

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